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July 18, 2017

Goat Facts


Goats facts

~Goats are social animals but they are not flock-orientated.
~Goats communicate with each other by bleating. Mothers will often call to their kids to ensure
they are close or not. The mother goat and the baby goat can recognize each others call
immediately after mother gives birth to the baby goat.
~Baby goats are very close to their mothers and are weaned after around 6 months.
~Goats are very intelligent and curious animals. This can be noticed by the reactions of the goats
when they come across any unfamiliar thing.
~Goats have excellent coordination. They have great balance therefore,they are able to survive
in the hilly area. They can climb trees and can jump over 5 feet high.
~Goats are the sign of introversion, creativity, shyness and perfectionist.
~A goat’s eye is rectangular rather than round. They have excellent night vision and are able to
browse during the night.
~Mostly goats are found in Asia and the Mid-East.
~Humans used goats as the first source of milk.
~There are over 210 breeds of goats in the world.
~The female goat is called a doe or nanny.
~The male goat is called a buck or billy.
~A baby goat is called a kid.
~The act of giving birth is called kidding.
~The doe can have 1 to 6 kids per litter.
~There are no teeth present in their upper front jaw.
~Both male and female goats can have beards.
~Normally goats have two teats.
~Goats will browse over grass first and after grass they go to clover.
~Goats are selective eaters when provided with a balanced diet.
~The season when they are ready to mate is called breeding
~Goats can be born with or without horns .
~Their manure can be used as a fertilizer.
~Goats hate to get wet and search for shelter when it is raining.
~Goats most often get parasites and other infectious diseases when they are mismanaged.